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  Every month, Netflix Australia adds a new batch of movies and TV shows to its library. Here are our picks for May, broken down by release date.

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  ‘Dead to Me’Starts streaming: May 3

  Across the decades they’ve spent in the TV and movie business, Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini have both proven uncommonly adept at kooky comedy as well as earnest drama. The actresses bring all those skills to bear in the darkly comic “Dead to Me,” playing women from different social backgrounds who bond over recent personal traumas. Created by Liz Feldman, and co-produced by Will Ferrell and Adam McKay, this dramedy follows two emotionally fragile characters as they self-soothe with boozy rampages through a ritzy suburb, while skirting a secret that could end their friendship.


  ‘Flinch’Starts streaming: May 3

  Apart from cooking competitions, Netflix hasn’t carried many game shows in the past. With “Flinch,” the streaming service’s programmers dive straight into the deep end of the genre. Contestants are strapped into elaborate contraptions, designed to make them feel uncomfortable and terrified. If they overreact, they’re administered mild physical punishments. Shock, disgust, and nervous laughter ensues.


  ‘Tuca & Bertie’Starts streaming: May 3

  Lisa Hanawalt, the “BoJack Horseman” co-producer and visual designer, brings her distinctive look and sensibility to this new animated series. The comedians Tiffany Haddish and Ali Wong provide the voices for a pair of 30-year-old bird pals, trying to maintain their youthful zest as they stumble into middle age. “Tuca & Bertie” is like a fusion of “Bojack” and “Broad City,” injecting cartoon whimsy into stories that aim to be emotionally truthful and relatable.


  ‘The Society’Starts streaming: May 10

  “Lord of the Flies” meets “Dawson’s Creek” in “The Society,” a mystery/melodrama created by the “Party of Five” writer-producer Christopher Keyser. When a group of teens inexplicably finds themselves transplanted into a replica of their upscale hometown — without any adult supervision — what begins as the ultimate high school party quickly becomes dangerous and terrifying. These kids soon realize they need to figure out how to govern themselves, as they investigate what happened to them, and why.


  ‘What/If’Starts streaming: May 24

  A different kind of anthology series — the details of which have largely been kept under wraps — “What/If” will present a new morality tale each season, drawing on the genres of suspense and film noir. The first ten-episode arc stars Renée Zellweger as a manipulative woman who makes a tempting but morally questionable offer to a young couple (played by Jane Levy and Blake Jenner), who then have to deal with life-changing ramifications.


  ‘When They See Us’Starts streaming: May 31

  The producer-director Ava DuVernay follows up her Emmy-winning Netflix documentary “13th” with another project that confronts systemic racial bias and historical injustice. The four-part “When They See Us” dramatizes the story of the Central Park Five, who were convicted of raping a jogger in New York City in 1989, and then exonerated of the crime in 2002. The mini-series focuses on the boys’ distraught families, the hysteria in the media at the time, and the attempt to exact some belated justice after the truth was finally revealed.


  Also of Interest

  “The 100” Season 5 (May 1), “Pine Gap” Season 1 (May 1), “Undercover” (May 3), “Abyss” (May 6), “Lucifer” Season 4 (May 8), “Tiny House Nation” (May 9), “Easy” Season 3 (May 10), “Jailbirds” (May 10), “Schitt’s Creek” Season 5 (May 10), “Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj” Volume 3 (May 12),“Shetland” Season 3 (May 15), “1994” (May 17), “It’s Bruno” (May 17), “Nailed It!” Season 3 (May 17), “The Rain” Season 2 (May 17), “Well Intended Love” (May 17), “White Gold” Season 2 (May 17),“Slasher: Solstice” (May 23), “High Seas” (May 24), “She’s Gotta Have It” Season 2 (May 24), “Bad Blood” Season 2 (May 31), “Black Spot” Season 2 (May 31), “Good Girls” Season 2 (May 31) and “How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast)” (May 31)


  ‘Knock Down the House’Starts streaming: May 1

  One of the most popular left-leaning politicians in the United States of America right now, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, New York’s new congresswoman from the Bronx, was one of four first-time political candidates that director Rachel Lears chose to follow for her documentary “Knock Down the House.” The film is about what drove these women to run for office, and how they’re responding to their constituents’ concerns about the country’s direction. But this doc will likely be best-remembered in the years to come for its inside look at the surprising, inspiring Ocasio-Cortez campaign.


  ‘Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile’Starts streaming: May 3

  Zac Efron plays the notorious serial killer Ted Bundy in this chillingly low-key docudrama based on the memoir of Bundy’s girlfriend Elizabeth Kloepfer (played by Lily Collins). Directed by the accomplished documentary filmmaker Joe Berlinger — best known for co-directing the true-crime classic “Paradise Lost” with the late Bruce Sinofsky — “Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile” attempts to answer the question: How could someone who committed sexual assaults and murders as prolifically as Bundy did also interact with the world as a pleasant, ordinary guy?


  ‘Wine Country’Starts streaming: May 10

  The comedian Amy Poehler makes her debut as a feature film director with “Wine Country,” a comedy Poehler co-wrote with the former “Saturday Night Live” writers Emily Spivey and Liz Cackowski. The plot is simple: A group of women vacation together in the Napa Valley, and talk about their experiences and emotions as one of their own turns 50. With a cast that includes Poehler and her old friends (and frequent TV and movie collaborators) Tina Fey, Maya Rudolph, Rachel Dratch, Ana Gasteyer and Paula Pell, expect plenty of sharp one-liners amid the unabashed sentimentality.


  ‘See You Yesterday’Starts streaming: May 17

  Spike Lee is a producer on this science-fiction-infused social drama about a couple of brilliant New York teenagers who’ve developed the technology to travel back in time. The pair are pushed to try out their new device sooner than expected when a family member dies in a police-involved shooting. Directed and co-written by first-time feature filmmaker Stefon Bristol, “See You Yesterday” features a cast filled with new faces, playing out a story that’s both fantastical and ripped from the headlines.


  ‘The Perfection’Starts streaming: May 24

  The high-pressure world of classical music conservatories provides the backdrop for this unapologetically nasty thriller, which stars Alison Williams as a skilled cellist who returns to music after taking a few years off to look after her ailing mother. She pays a surprise visit to her former teacher (played by Steven Weber) and his new prodigy (Logan Browning), at which point the plot takes some sickeningly sharp turns. Directed by Richard Shepard — best-known for the pulpy dramedies “The Matador” and “Dom Hemingway” — “The Perfection” starts out like a genteel melodrama, then descends into the depraved.


  ‘Rim of the World’Starts streaming: May 24

  Flashy genre filmmaker Joseph McGinty Nichol — who goes by the professional name “McG” — makes his version of a summer camp movie with “Rim of the World,” an action-comedy about goofy teenagers fighting off an alien invasion. Written by Zack Stentz (whose credits include “Thor,” “X-Men: First Class” and “The Flash”), “Rim of the World” is a coming-of-age picture with a science-fiction quest plot. Given who’s behind the camera, it’s sure to have a lot of whiz-bang style.


  ‘Always Be My Maybe’Starts streaming: May 24

  The romantic comedy “Always Be My Maybe” riffs on the phenomenon of two childhood friends assuming they’ll end up together romantically once they exhaust their other options. The comedian Ali Wong and the comic actor Randall Park — who also co-wrote the film with Park’s old friend, the playwright Michael Golamco — play the not-quite-a-couple, whose path to partnership is complicated by wildly diverging levels of career success and ambition. Nahnatchka Khan (the head writer of Park’s long-running sitcom “Fresh Off the Boat”) directs a movie rooted in the Asian-American experience, but based on a situation that’s universal.


  Also of Interest

  “Begin Again” (May 1), “Gotti” (May 1), “Lawrence of Arabia” (May 1), “All in My Family” (May 3), “Despite Everything” (May 3), “The Last Summer” (May 3), “Dry Martina” (May 10), “Malibu Rescue” (May 13), “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” (May 13), “The Notebook” (May 14), “Atomic Blonde” (May 15), “The Flintstones” (May 16), “Funny People” (May 16), “Good Sam” (May 16), “Step Up” (May 16), “Maria” (May 17), “American Sniper” (May 22), “Gran Torino” (May 22), “The Imitation Game” (May 22), “Miss Congeniality” (May 22), “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” (May 22), “A Tale of Two Kitchens” (May 22), “Joy” (May 24), “The Meg” (May 28) and “Chopsticks” (May 30)


  ‘Still Laugh-In: The Stars Celebrate’Starts streaming: May 14

  In March of this year, an assortment of great comedians from multiple generations gathered in Hollywood at the Dolby Theatre to pay tribute to the popular 1960s and ‘70s sketch series “Laugh-In.” The special “Still Laugh-In” combines footage from that night — featuring the likes of Lily Tomlin, Tiffany Haddish, Neil Patrick Harris, Billy Crystal and Rita Moreno — with copious clips from the original show, which captured the spirit of its times with a frenetic pace and irreverent attitude.


  ‘Historical Roasts’Starts streaming: May 27

  The stand-up comedian Jeff Ross has had a thriving career thanks in large part to his reputation as “the Roastmater General,” serving up raunchy insults at the celebrity roasts he’s helped produce over the past couple of decades. Having run low on famous folks willing to be publicly mocked, Ross reaches back into the past for his new series “Historical Roasts,” lining up colleagues like Natasha Leggero, Fred Willard and Gilbert Gottfried to riff on the foibles of Abe Lincoln, Freddie Mercury and more.


  Also of Interest

  “Wanda Sykes: Not Normal” (May 21)



  曾道长百宝箱【吃】【饱】【喝】【足】,【宋】【大】【壮】【就】【有】【些】【犯】【困】。 【可】【是】【看】【宋】【勉】【慢】【悠】【悠】【的】【端】【着】【茶】【碗】,【喝】【着】【没】【有】【茶】【叶】【的】【茶】【水】,【他】【也】【没】【说】【什】【么】,【就】【是】【安】【静】【的】【坐】【在】【一】【旁】,【有】【些】【感】【慨】【潼】【关】【人】【说】【话】【的】【语】【调】【怎】【么】【这】【么】【奇】【怪】。 【这】【也】【不】【能】【怪】【他】,【宋】【大】【壮】【是】【并】【州】【人】,【说】【的】【汾】【河】【片】【的】【官】【话】。 【而】【潼】【关】【因】【为】【距】【离】【长】【安】【很】【近】,【说】【的】【是】【关】【中】【方】【言】。 【宋】【大】【壮】【听】【不】【懂】,【不】【代】【表】【宋】

  12【月】26【日】,【随】【着】【其】【他】【各】【大】【联】【赛】【冬】【歇】【期】【的】【到】【来】,【英】【格】【兰】【超】【级】【联】【赛】【作】【为】【唯】【一】【一】【个】【没】【有】【冬】【歇】【期】【的】【五】【大】【联】【赛】【之】【一】,【让】【所】【有】【球】【迷】【的】【目】【光】【都】【聚】【集】【在】【这】【里】。 【虽】【然】【英】【格】【兰】【超】【级】【联】【赛】【没】【有】【冬】【歇】【期】【这】【一】【点】【一】【直】【都】【非】【常】【被】【人】【所】【诟】【病】,【尤】【其】【是】【受】【到】【了】【无】【数】【英】【格】【兰】【球】【队】【的】【抨】【击】,【认】【为】【这】【样】【大】【大】【增】【加】【了】【球】【员】【伤】【病】【的】【风】【险】,【但】【不】【得】【不】【说】,【这】【样】【独】【有】

  【在】【接】【近】【五】【月】【末】【的】【时】【候】,【可】【能】【因】【为】【大】【脑】【不】【再】【接】【受】【摧】【残】,【哈】【利】【的】【精】【神】【看】【上】【去】【好】【多】【了】。【但】【是】【因】【为】【最】【近】【每】【个】【五】【年】【级】【学】【生】【都】【忙】【碌】【的】【状】【态】,【他】【自】【然】【也】【没】【有】【抽】【出】【多】【少】【时】【间】【练】**【脑】【封】【闭】【术】【课】。 【这】【样】【一】【来】【由】【于】【学】**【忙】【碌】,【哈】【利】【很】【多】【时】【候】【上】【床】【睡】【觉】【时】,【自】【己】【的】【脑】【子】【里】【好】【像】【灌】【满】【了】【学】【过】【的】【东】【西】,【根】【本】【就】【睡】【不】【着】;【而】【当】【他】【入】【睡】【以】【后】,【在】【大】【多】

  【灵】【儿】【又】【回】【到】【了】【柳】【桃】【村】,【她】【急】【冲】【冲】【去】【找】【师】【尊】。 “【师】【尊】,【那】,【那】【玉】【兔】【是】【来】【到】【凡】【间】【了】,【兔】【子】【之】【死】【肯】【定】【与】【她】【有】【关】。” “【这】【样】【说】,【那】【个】【叫】【红】【菲】【的】【很】【大】【可】【能】【就】【是】【玉】【兔】【了】。” “【师】【尊】,【前】【些】【日】【子】【我】【在】【商】【丘】【遇】【到】【了】【黑】【衣】【人】,【全】【来】【攻】【击】【我】,【他】【们】【还】【喊】【出】‘【得】【灵】【石】【者】【得】【天】【下】【者】’【的】【口】【号】。【不】【知】【道】【他】【们】【与】【玉】【兔】【是】【否】【有】【联】【系】?” “

  “【宗】【主】,【你】【回】【来】【了】。”【饕】【鬄】【听】【到】【了】【这】【熟】【悉】【的】【声】【音】【还】【以】【为】【是】【幻】【觉】【呢】,【他】【转】【头】【看】【去】【就】【瞧】【见】【了】【叶】【云】,【没】【想】【到】【他】【这】【么】【快】【回】【来】【了】,【真】【的】【是】【太】【好】【了】,【他】【们】【的】【宗】【主】【终】【于】【回】【来】【了】。 “【恩】,【我】【还】【带】【了】【一】【些】【人】【过】【来】,【可】【能】【你】【们】【不】【认】【识】,【走】,【我】【带】【你】【们】【去】【认】【识】【下】。”【叶】【云】【说】【道】,【等】【会】【还】【得】【让】【饕】【鬄】【去】【安】【排】【他】【们】【呢】。 “【好】,【走】,【小】【洛】。”【饕】【鬄】曾道长百宝箱【非】【常】【感】【谢】【那】【些】【支】【持】【过】【的】【读】【者】【们】,【但】【是】【今】【天】【不】【得】【不】【告】【别】【了】。 【因】【为】【家】【庭】【原】【因】,【作】【者】【要】【出】【去】【工】【作】【了】,【本】【来】【打】【算】【的】【是】【一】【边】【准】【备】【公】【招】【一】【边】【码】【字】【的】,【但】【是】【奈】【何】【今】【年】【因】【为】【作】【者】【这】【边】【不】【考】【试】,【就】【得】【找】【工】【作】【来】【养】【活】【自】【己】…… 【而】【因】【为】【工】【作】【的】【时】【间】【原】【因】,【之】【后】【的】【更】【新】【肯】【定】【会】【不】【稳】【定】,【所】【以】【索】【性】【就】【告】【别】【了】。 【老】【实】【说】【这】【本】【书】【写】【的】【很】【不】【好】,

  【秋】【月】【浠】【的】【这】【一】【战】,【可】【想】【而】【知】,【在】【今】【后】【之】【江】【湖】【当】【中】,【将】【会】【大】【肆】【传】【唱】。 【然】【而】,【沉】【寂】【多】【年】【未】【见】【大】【的】【兵】【戈】【相】【向】【的】【江】【湖】,【始】【于】【秋】【月】【浠】【这】【一】【战】、【始】【于】【江】【南】【道】【纷】【争】,【恐】【会】【彻】【底】【大】【乱】。 【一】【处】【幽】【深】【山】【谷】【当】【中】。 【此】【处】【杂】【草】【横】【生】,【藤】【蔓】【粗】【壮】。 【古】【藤】【缠】【绕】【间】,【透】【露】【着】【神】【秘】【未】【知】;【曲】【径】【通】【幽】【处】,【仿】【佛】【危】【险】【无】【处】【不】【在】。 【远】【山】【近】【岭】【迷】

  【雷】【厉】【风】【行】【的】【叶】【琳】【达】,【自】【从】【得】【知】**【强】【背】【地】【里】,【做】【了】【对】【不】【起】【自】【己】【的】【事】【后】,【便】【不】【动】【声】【色】【的】【安】【排】**【强】,【去】【了】【一】【个】【较】【远】【的】【城】【市】【出】【差】。 【毫】【不】【知】【情】【的】【他】,【还】【像】【往】【常】【那】【样】【趁】【着】【出】【差】【之】【际】,【悄】【悄】【带】【着】【蓝】【丽】【影】,【逍】【遥】【的】【过】【二】【人】【世】【界】【去】【了】。 【殊】【不】【知】【叶】【琳】【达】【随】【后】【就】【罢】【免】【了】,**【强】【在】【公】【司】【的】【所】【有】【职】【务】,【并】【将】【此】【事】【对】【内】【对】【外】【一】【律】****


  【几】【个】【人】【从】【知】【道】**【的】【死】【讯】【开】【始】【都】【是】【心】【事】【重】【重】【的】,【这】【几】【天】【偏】【偏】【天】【气】【一】【直】【阴】【着】,【好】【像】【天】【气】【也】【跟】【着】【闹】【别】【扭】。 【这】【天】【唐】【婉】【跟】【和】**【一】【起】【来】【的】【一】【个】【实】【习】【生】【那】【里】【了】【解】【到】**【家】【只】【有】【一】【个】【奶】【奶】,【父】【母】【早】【亡】,【奶】【奶】【有】【严】【重】【的】【耳】【聋】,【根】【本】【没】【办】【法】【交】【流】,【所】【以】**【的】【尸】【体】【到】【现】【在】【也】【没】【人】【认】【领】。 【李】【平】【平】【听】【到】【这】【个】【消】【息】【又】【是】【痛】【哭】【一】【场】,【她】【想】【去】